San Francisco’s Bay Area is without a doubt, the heart of US Cannabis culture, the home of the oldest dispensary in the country (dating back to the 60’s) and a region with a deeply rooted history of hippie counterculture. Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley are home to some of the oldest cannabis clubs in the world, and some of the oldest laws governing cannabis cultivators and producers, consumers, products and services – fine tuned by the local industry (and supportive politicians) over a span of decades. All this coupled with the area’s close proximity to the ‘Emerald Triangle’ makes navigating the ocean of local brands quite the task. With no shortage of amazing product on every corner throughout the Golden State, a consumer is left pondering the quality, consistency, dependability and integrity of the available brands. Here are some of the Bay Area labels we thought you should know.

Cannatique Farms

Continuously ranked amongst the best in the industry, Cannatique Farms is a gold standard amongst cannabis aficionados. Known for some of the purest, cleanest strains around, there is no doubt Cannatique Farms lives up to it’s reputation of delivering some of the highest quality product – carefully crafted from start to finish. Record breaking THC content, robust flavors & smells and a finished product that is consistently pesticide, chemical and filler free. Based in Oakland, Cannatique Farms remains both CA compliant and locally sourced. Treat your senses to their Blueberry Cruffin, Red Rum, and No Cap strains.

Fig Farms

Sonoma County based Fig Farms are no doubt, masters of their craft. Years of research and development have yielded some of the best, award winning, exotic flowers in the game. These absolutely unique, in house strains cared for and delivered by the hands of master horticulturalists will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning taste buds. A true family owned business, the entire process from seed to packaging is handled by their own staff. The small, well controlled batches they cultivate are in a constant state of improvement with only the best leaving the warehouse. Quality and integrity are undeniable hallmarks of the Fig Farms brand.

Poseidon Estate

For the past decade, Poseidon Estate has been delivering high quality, small batch product from Oakland. Known as one of the best suppliers in Northern California, they have amassed quite the following of die hard fans and connoisseurs. With a menu that is constantly evolving and a forward thinking team that works hard to satisfy current trends, this well oiled brand is in it for the long game. THC tested to 32.98%, Strawberry Kush Pop #10 is the flagship strain for the brand and a great showcase as to the level of quality, care and expertise that goes into their product.

Flow Kana

With most of the countries cannabis being produced in the ‘Emerald Triangle’, companies like Flow Kana have done well to position themselves within this cannabis epicenter.
Working with full transparency amongst the small craft farmers who cultivate small batches, sustainably (using only organic methods) in a harmonious effort that shines in their unparalleled product. The sungrown, values-driven cannabis brand empowers this independent farm ecosystem and aligns itself with likeminded righteous practices providing consumers with a consistent, reliable selection of carefully curated, pesticide free, cannabis products.

Care By Design

Made from the flower and leaf of local, sustainably grown cannabis, Care By Design products offer a full spectrum of CBD:THC ratios to suit all your medicinal needs and personal preferences. In the same method that is used to decaffeinate coffee, the CBD at Care by Design is safely extracted and crafted in medically appropriate formulations. Based in Sonoma County and surrounded by some of the worlds top researchers and farms, Care By Design offers some of the highest quality sublingual sprays, soft-gel caps, and oil extracts on the market.

Major changes are taking place in Cannabis markets all around the world and California is now leading the charge. Held to the highest accountability, brands like these and the quality they offer have become a standard across the country and beyond. While it is nearly impossible to pay due praise to every brand in the state, it’s empowering to understand the landscape of the local industry and have the knowledge to differentiate between the mediocre and super dank Bay Area brands.