Best Cannabis Gummies Of 2020

With stress levels at an all time high and so many of us removed from our daily routines, it makes more sense than ever to reach for our favorite CBD gummies. Whether we are addressing our aches and pains, or the anxieties of daily life, these colorful treats do more than add some color to our lives. They offer a list of biological aids in a way that is discreet, portable, fun and easy to use – a great starting point for beginners and a chewy, sweet option for the more experienced users.

While most CBD gummies are formed from THC free hemp extracts (and legal on a federal level) others may offer full spectrum CBD extracts (including THC) or otherwise be sourced from Marjiuana so it is important to understand your state and local laws. With no widespread OTC approval of CBD by the FDA, it is left to the user to research and sample the available products on the market. We compiled the following list of popular CBD gummies to make the process easier for our readers. For our Vegan friends, please keep in mind that many CBD gummies contain gelatin, however Pectin is both Vegan friendly and a popular substitute amongst many brands.

Sunday Scaries

Available in both Gelatin and vegan friendly Pectin options (with vitamins B12 and D3 as an added bonus), these gummies tend to be a go to for many. An affordable choice, containing 10mg of full spectrum CBD per gummy and 20 gummies per package. Aside from all the other benefits of of CBD, Sunday Scaries are a good choice for depression and anxiety, especially when caused by the above vitamin deficiencies. As far as taste, Sunday Scaries deliver a typical gummy top note with minimal undesirable medicinal aftertastes.

Verma Farms CBD Gummies

Some of the most delicious gummies on the market, available in Hawaiian inspired flavors and colors including Tropical Cherry, Island Apple and their popular “O Rings” (all available in sugar free options). Verma Farms products offer a slightly higher dose of CBD than most at 21mg. Verma Farms makes their gummies using an American Hemp sourced CBD isolate product, which contains no THC and is free of pesticides.

Royal CBD

A Premium California based product, Royal CBD offer only one potency and one flavor, 10mg of fruit punch perfection. An organic, low sugar, guilt free product, each gummy provides 99.99% pure CBD. As an isolate based product, Royal CBD is free of some of the botanical flavor notes and medicinal aftertastes as experienced with other CBD gummies.

Charlottes Web

Charlottes Web gummies are made with a proprietary blend of cannbinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC (amongst many others) and are a great full spectrum choice for all CBD targeted ailments. Available in fined tuned Recovery, Sleep, and Calm blends and subtle flavors that are easy to take just before bed. At an average price point, 10mg of CBD per gummy makes for accurate, accessible dosing. As an added bonus, Charlottes Web offers CBD Pet Chews, so you can end your day on a fine note alongside your furry friend.

Fab CBD Chews

Tasty, sugar coated and made using a CBD isolate, these gummies are great for those wanting to avoid THC all together. Vegan friendly, non GMO and crafted using all natural flavors, this product packs 25mg of CBD per gummy and an average price. Those with allergies please keep in mind that Fab CBD Chews are processed at a plant that handles soy, fish gelatin, wheat and nuts as well as milk products.

Highland Farms

Loved by consumers for their amazing taste. Each jar of Highland Farms contains an assortment of flavors available in both 10mg and 20 mg of full spectrum CBD gummies at a very affordable price. Made using all-natural flavors and colors, as well as organic, gluten free ingredients. Again, for those with allergies, please be advised that these gummies are processed in a facility that handles both soy and fish gelatin.

Penguin CBD Sour Gummies

The nostalgic taste of gummy worms offered in a safe, health conscious 10mg CBD isolate product. No botanical notes or medicinal aftertastes and no surprises, this product is crafted using USDA-certified hemp, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Joy Organics

Tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar are two of only eight ingredients behind the simple and pure taste of Highland Farms gummies. Available in green apple and strawberry lemonade flavors, this broad spectrum CBD product is THC-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly. Each gummy offer 20mg of of premium grade CBD at an average price point.

Plus CBD Gummies

A top choice for those looking for a low dose product, Plus Choice CBD gummies offer 5mg of full spectrum hemp extracts per gummy as well as several phytonutrients. Priced higher than most, each jar contains 30-60 gummies available in both Citrus Punch and Cherry Mango flavors allowing for easy dosing and desired effect. Crafted using all natural ingredients, these gummy’s are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free, making them a good choice for people with allergies.

Lord Jones, Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

Handmade in small batches with natural fruit flavors, each smartly styled package of Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gum Drops contains only 9 broad spectrum CBD gummies – at 20mg per gummy. A bit pricey for personal use and not very pocket friendly, this product takes the cake when it comes to gifting.

Whether its the taste or simplicity that you are after, or the many benefits of CBD, all of the above products can be easily dosed for the desired effect (taking into account ones age, weight and experience level) – there is a gummy available for everyone, in an ever expanding market of edible products. Ultimately, it’s left to personal experiment, biology and taste to find ones own favorite CBD gummies.

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