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Kuda is defined as a celebration of the moment, when the wind blows and the hairs on your neck stand, when the electric feel of music chills you to the bone. The present moment is indeed a glorious place to dwell. In the modern age the children of men’s minds race; always looking ahead to the next appointment or thinking back on what they could have done better. But how often do you actually smell the roses? At Kuda we prefer inhale flower, and only the best and tastiest flower and better yet we grow it!

From seed to sale Kuda products are handle with love, respect and care. We farm with biodynamic and organic soil under the rays of our blest sun. We slow cure our flower to ensure maximum terpene preservation and package fresh to guarantee the end user gets an olfactory kick. To us cannabis is the holy grail of plants, providing mankind with much needed medicine for the body, heart, mind and soul. We also value cannabis as a conduit which brings the community together and helps us celebrate the moments of life

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